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this pandemic sucks. online learning sucks. bluejeans sucks, especially bluejeans events. breakout rooms suck. not having free food sucks. that swab probe into your brain sucks.

kind of a bad year to get your act together ain't it...

you know what sucks most, not meeting new people. not seeing new people.

we exist to make it suck less.

2 strangers, 1 chatroom, 10 minutes. At the end you decide if you want to exchange your contact info. if you both do voilá 🎉 else u both disappear into the void.

make a new friend? find a chegg buddy? hw buddy? and ofc.. a new crush? a new love? possibilities are endless.

happy being in a major historic event <3


What exactly is it?

2 strangers, 1 chatroom, 10 minutes. voice chat only. you can take it from there.

What if no one is there?

spam. meme. nudge. do what you gotta do. we host every Friday and Saturday night, 9pm-11pm.

Are you spam?


Who's behind it?

gt students who get it

Will you sell my email?

Tech already beat us on that

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